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How do I proceed if someone else copies my design anyway?

In first instance we advise you to contact the abuser. It happens that he or she doesn’t know that a product is protected, for example by means of copyright. You can then ask to remove the products from the market, to remove your design or photograph from the website.... Does that have no effect? Then ask the help of a mediator.

Is that approach also unsuccessful?? Luckily there are other possibilities.

  1. Are we talking about the unauthorized use of pictures or images? In this case you can have your picture or design removed from the internet via the search engine or via the website host.
  2. Enter into contact with the customs, so that they can confiscate counterfeit designs that enter a certain country.
  3. File a complaint with the police to have an official report established. The public prosecutor then decides what next steps to take.
  4. Hire a lawyer or see which copyright organisation you can report this to at auteursrecht.nl.