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How do I apply for design registration ?

  • Check whether your design is new and has individual character. (See step 3 for more information on these requirements)
  • Choose where you want to protect your design (in the Benelux, in the EU or internationally).
  • Your application must meet a number of formal requirements to be accepted:

1. Use images that clearly show the individual character of your design. This is what ultimately determines the protection of your design. You must send at least one image with your application. This must be a general, front, or perspective view. We recommend submitting images showing the design from various angles, such as the top or the side view.

2. Provide a clear description of the product to which the design applies or will apply, preferably using the wording given in the International Locarno Classification (this is an international classification used for the purposes of the registration of designs). You can use the application’s search function to find the best suited classification.

3. State the name of who is applying for the design: you or your company.

4. The design must not be contrary to public order or good morals.