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Which products/services should I select for my trademark ?

When you choose the products and services you want to protect with your trademark, this sets the scope of protection of your rights against your competitors. Your trademark is only protected for the products and services you mention.

Before defining your selection of goods and services, you should take the following into account:

  • Remember that you will be required to use your trademark for the products and services mentioned starting five years after its registration. If you do not use a trademark in time, it can be cancelled.
  • Once you have selected the products and services, you cannot expand this selection anymore. This will require a new trademark application and thus extra costs.
  • All products and services are divided into different categories called ‘classes’. You will pay a fee for each class.

TM Class is an interactive tool that enables you to find which ‘class’ of products and services you can choose when applying for a trademark.