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Building a corporate identity and associated values requires an investment from all members of the organization, whatever it is. Brainstorming, surveys, interviews, idea boxes,... are creative means that can lead to a logo, a name or a slogan,... All these elements need to be protected by one or several intellectual property rights. The case exposed hereafter honors the trademark.

The rebranding of Wallonie Entreprendre provides an opportunity to rediscover its values and graphic identity.

The rebranding is the result of a merger of three Walloon financial instruments, with the aim of simplifying access to Walloon support for entrepreneurs and self-employed people. The merging of contact points facilitates contact with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders, who are now directed to a single point of contact. The goal of the rebranding to Wallonie Entreprendre is to improve its visibility and retrievability.


The new brand is the result of a 24-month participatory process in which 50 employees defined the values of the three former entities. These 4 values are the following :

  • Commitment: because the level of commitment of Wallonie Entreprendre makes the difference. This leads to excellence and success.
  • Connection: because Wallonie Entreprendre promotes connections between financial instruments to optimize synergies and value chains.
  • Responsibility: because Wallonie Entreprendre plays an important societal role.
  • Impact: because Wallonie Entreprendre supports entrepreneurs to create value in Wallonia.

These values are reflected in the Wallonie Entreprendre brand, which consists of the initials "WE", and is registered such as. These initials are as "We" in English or "yes" when pronounced in French.

WE brand

An identity

Three approaches can be considered in building a graphic identity:

  • "Corporate", as supporting the branding of the company or an organization
  • "Product," as supporting the marketing and packaging of the company
  • "Blended," which combines both, with each of the approaches focusing on "core activities" that are both different and complementary.

This involves knowing which distinctive signs, mainly the name and/or logo, or even the slogan, the company wants to express as a brand image linked to the identity of the company as a whole, in other words "corporate," or as a brand image linked exclusively to a product, technology or service in particular.

In the case of Wallonie Entreprendre, this is the Corporate approach that must be expressed in a uniform way in all the media of the organization. Thus, it cannot be adapted to the individual needs of each individual. Registering the characteristics of identity guarantees ownership. From an intellectual property point of view, this is expressed into a combined registration, a logo associated with a name, on the Benelux territory under service classes 35 (advertising, management and organization), 36 (financial, monetary and banking services) and 45 (legal services).

Conclusion - A corporate brand

As you can see, a brand is not systematically associated with a product that can be consumed directly, but it can also support the marketing strategy of an organization or a company in a particular area. This is the purpose of a corporate brand: to maintain the relationship with the ultimate beneficiary, in this case the Walloon entrepreneur.