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Our platform aims to raise awareness among entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs of the benefits of intellectual property protection.

In order to help you inform yourself and effectively use intellectual property, we have developed this platform as a tool.

  • A didactic platform based on the experiences and testimonials of other entrepreneurs who faced similar challenges.

  • A tool that accompanies you step by step with smart guides specific to each intellectual property area.

  • A tool that connects you with a passionate and competent expert who supports you in effectively protecting your creations.

Your experts in this project

This platform is created by teams of experts from the following five collaborating organisations:

  • OCNL

    The Netherlands Patent Office is the patenting authority for the Netherlands and its territories. The office represents the interests of the Netherlands in European and global organizations in intellectual and industrial property. The Netherlands Patent Office informs innovative entrepreneurs about patents and other intellectual property rights and provides them with tailor-made support. Free, independent and confidential. The Netherlands Patent Office is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

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  • BOIP

    The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) is the official body for trademarks and designs registration in the Benelux. BOIP can also record the existence of an idea on a given date in an i-DEPOT. BOIP also informs entrepreneurs about the importance of intellectual property.

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  • FOD

    The Belgian Intellectual Property Office (IPObel) is part of the FPS Economy. It is competent for all matters relating to intellectual property in Belgium and is mainly responsible for its protection.

    The Office is in charge of issuing and managing Belgian patents, supplementary protection certificates and breeders' certificates. Furthermore it provides information about intellectual property to users, prepares legal texts, advises the authorities and represents Belgium internationally.

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    VLAIO is the public contact point for all entrepreneurs in Flanders, where you can get customized first line information about how you can protect ideas, products, company and brand names and which support is available for this.

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  • Wallonie Entreprendre

    Wallonie Entreprendre (WE) is the economic and financial tool of Wallonia at the service of companies.

    WE aims to provide the necessary means for the development of activity in all sectors. Their investments and financing respond to a logic of creation, growth, transmission or revival of companies. WE's teams ensure that social and environmental standards are respected while advocating sustainability and circularity of economic approaches.

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You can contact us with questions on intellectual property in Belgium, including questions on the registration of Belgian, European and international patents and how these rights can be searched in the available data sources.

All our teams and experts are here to accompany you.

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